Atlantis Seafood Products is the largest 100% black-owned frozen seafood production factory in South Africa, manufacturing specialised seafood products from our factory in Atlantis, South Africa.

Empowerment trust

ASP is wholly owned by the Atlantis Seafood Products Employee Empowerment Trust. This means the company is 100% black-owned with black women from Atlantis being the majority owners (84.7%). These women beneficiaries are often the only breadwinners for their extended families, making the Trust responsible for over 1 500 people in the broader community. In addition, 75% (270 out of 359) of our employees are under the age of 35.

Purpose-built factory

Our purpose-built factory uses highly specialised equipment with the latest, best-practice factory layout and design. This allows us to efficiently handle, package and process an impressive variety of seafood products. Our selection ranges from bespoke whole crab to popular bulk products like hake fillets, kingklip and line fish portions for the restaurant trade and specialised cuts for the retail sector. We pack fresh, quality hake fillets and portions for export to EU markets.

Products & processes

We expertly produce a range of seafood products, including hake, line fish, molluscs, crustaceans, various whole fish and a selection of speciality seafoods. Our specialist handling skills and versatile processes allow us to fillet, skin, de-bone, portion and pack a wide variety of fish and seafood, as fresh or frozen products. We pride ourselves on our ability to develop unique products with exclusive recipes from concept to plate, based on each customers’ unique requirements.


Our strong, strategic partnerships with Atlantis Seafood Distributors, Mascato and Plettenberg Bay Seafoods are our core differentiator. These well-established businesses are market leaders in the South African and Namibian seafood industry. Our symbiotic partnerships with them allow our factory to demonstrate industry-leading excellence in the sourcing, trading and distribution of quality specialised seafood products.

Our key differentiator: from concept to plate

Our ability to develop a product – from concept to plate – based on our customers’ unique requirements is what sets us apart. We are proud to pack and process speciality products and house brand for our clients.

Our continued investment in the local seafood industry empowers the community of Atlantis.

We are dedicated to providing sustainable, healthy seafood to all South Africans.