Roberto Gastaldi

Roberto Gastaldi

Roberto Gastaldi, National Perishables and Fish Buyer at Food Lover’s Market is a trained chef and foodie with a strong Italian heritage and a real passion for seafood – whether procuring it, cooking it, or eating it! He talks about how he got his start in the industry when his love for working in the […]

Gerrit Matthyse

Gerrit Matthyse is the CEO of Orion Organisation, a non-profit company in Atlantis that focuses on caring and the provision of accommodation, education, training, and the therapeutic needs of adults and children living with physical, psychosocial, intellectual, and neurological disabilities. Gerrit started off his teaching career in Atlantis.  He transitioned to work and held various […]

Alan Browde

Alan Browde, CEO and founder of SA Harvest, is driven by his ultimate goal of putting an end to the hunger crisis in South Africa. Alan founded SA Harvest in Cape Town in 2019, and the organisation actively ‘rescues’ nutritious surplus food that would ordinarily go to landfill before distributing it to those who need […]

Shamera Daniels

A true female powerhouse within the South African fishing industry, Shamera Daniels is passionate about transforming the sector and encouraging other ambitious women to step up and take their place in the world. Having started her career in 1996 as a file clerk at the Department of Sea Fisheries, Shamera quickly worked her way up […]

Rob Wijnants

Rob Wijnants is one of the many inspirational fishermen at sea responsible for reeling in the catch of the day and putting food on the table in every household across the country. Originally from the Netherlands, Rob came from a family of fishermen. His grandfather took him out of school at the age of 14 […]

Clyde Bodenham

Clyde Bodenham is a man with almost 30 years in the fishing industry and a finger in every pie! He’s the President at the South African Tuna Association, Founder and CEO at Molimo Business Zone, and National Chairman at the South African Hake Longline Association, to name just three of his extensive list of responsibilities. […]

Jocelyn Myers-Adams

Born and raised in Canada, Jocelyn Myers-Adams is an independent chef and entrepreneur who has spent 16 years living and working in South Africa. Today, she is a member of the board of directors and a chairperson for the South African Chefs’ Association, the co-founder of Food Jams, and the Managing Director at Jocelyn Myers-Adams […]

Nicolette Weitsz

A compassionate woman with a heart of gold, Nicolette, owner of Fish4Africa, comes across as the mother of the fishing industry. It’s not just about profit and pleasing the customer for Nicolette. Rather, she puts the majority of her energy into caring for her staff and keeping them content. “I feel I have an advantage […]

Selwyn Bailey

A massive Wilbur Smith fan and movie buff, Selwyn Bailey spends most of his time dedicated to making life safer and more comfortable for South Africa’s valued fishermen. Having started his career as a fisherman and officer himself, serving on close to 30 vessels over a period of 13 years, Selwyn eventually came ashore to […]

Pavitray (Pavs) Pillay

The call of the ocean lured WWF-SASSI Manager Pavitray Pillay at an early age, but the prospect of a career that had anything to do with marine sciences couldn’t have been further from her traditional Indian family’s minds. As a child growing up in Pretoria in the 1980s, she would pore over the second-hand National […]