Luis Figueiredo

Not even Gaudí labouring over his la Sagrada Familia could claim to be as devoted an architect of empowering others as Luis Figueiredo, CEO of Atlantis Foods Group. Atlantis may not be Barcelona, but for the hundreds of people who work at Atlantis Seafood Products, South Africa’s third-largest fresh and frozen seafood processing and packaging […]

Shakira Naidoo


An up-and-coming female powerhouse within the fisheries industry, Shakira Naidoo laughs as she tells the story of how, despite her best efforts to explain the nuances of her role, her three children still believe that she works in a ‘fish shop’. This tale is an excellent example of how most people in South Africa are […]

Michael Marriott

Making waves SA

It takes real wanderlust to hop in your car and drive across the African continent to get home, and that’s just what Michael Marriott, Programme Manager for the Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) AMESA region did after a working stint in the United Kingdom. This Howick local and keen schoolboy aquarist credits travel for his broad […]

Sagree Chetty Gerdharee

Making waves za

Fishing beat out fashion to shape a successful career for Port Elizabeth local Sagree Gerdharee, CEO of Mayibuye Fishing and Vice Chair of SECIFA (South East Coast Inshore Fishing Association).  Family duty meant that holidays were spent behind shop counters or offloading vessels, and her entrepreneurial father, Boya Chetty, who began the business and built it up from […]

Andrea Newman

Andrea Newman

An ambitious young woman well-known amongst her colleagues for grabbing every opportunity that comes her way, Andrea Newman has grown in leaps and bounds in her career over the six years that she has been employed at Atlantis Seafood Products (ASP). She was initially hired as a cleaner, although she only held that position for […]

Kubie Pieterse

Kubie Pieterse

Step aside world. Kubie Pieterse, Atlantis Seafood Distributors’ national sales manager in the food services and wholesale division, may be a softie at heart, but it took becoming a single mom when her kids were tiny tots to set her on a meteoric growth path in the male-dominated fishing industry. “I held rather traditional views […]

Loyiso Phantshwa

Loyiso Phantshwa

Attorney by day, solution-driven executive chair of FishSA by night, powerhouse Loyiso Phantshwa has strong and exciting views on the economic opportunities that exist for the people of South Africa, in the fishing sector and beyond.  With the drive to bring people together, Loyiso believes in the power of working collaboratively to transform the fishing […]

Bill Davies

A real people person and self-confessed gourmand, Bill Davies has spent his career learning the ropes of retail and food services businesses from factory to plate. But, by his own admission, he wasn’t quite strange enough to join the ranks of “Come Dine With Me” even if he did get to the final auditions. “My […]